Universal Consciousness

I have been a seeker, and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my soul...

We hold within us everything we will ever need to support our journey. All our innate wisdom and knowing is simply waiting to be remembered.


In a Universal Consciousness Experience we deeply connect through expanded awareness, to the essence of who we really are in our highest, purest expression - our soul self.


Our natural state of being is pure Resonance, one of balance and harmony. When we feel out of alignment with ourselves, which presents in many different ways - feeling "off", dis-ease, dis-harmony, emotionally or mentally unbalanced, blocked or stuck - we are out of balance, feeling dissonance.


Connecting with your Universal Consciousness and accessing your highest wisdom and knowing, naturally moves us towards our being of Resonance, allowing us to hear the messages offered from our highest self and transcending that which holds us back.


All Consciousness Experiences are individually and uniquely focused to best support where you're at in this moment, or to simply explore...



These sessions are approximately 1 - 2 hours in duration,

$250, with a recording provided



Best suited to those used to expanded states of awareness through meditation, hypnosis or shamanic journeys 


*Please note as to honour you completely I will not rush these sessions through time constraints, so when making an appointment, it is best to allow yourself a 2-3 hour window