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The key to growth is the introduction

of higher dimensions of consciousness

into our awareness....

                                     Lao Tzu

Welcome to Inner Flow Holistic Services and

The Consciousness Experience!

We know that you are so much more than this body and this lifetime. You are an infinite being of consciousness and energy, and right now you have the opportunity to experience yourself as the pure consciousness you are.

Through expanded states of awareness (think meditation, shamanic journeys and hypnotherapy), you can experience all that you naturally are in your most natural and purest consciousness to explore the incredible wisdom, insight, guidance and healing that is so powerfully and lovingly held within you right now.

You really do have everything you need within you - you hold the answers, the knowings and insights, the healing messages and wisdom within. Sometimes in this humanness we call life it can be challenging to connect with that wisdom and understanding, and that is where The Consciousness Experience can so powerfully, effortlessly and beautifully support your journey to all that you are.

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