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"We can't change a reality if we remain in the same consciousness that made it" Gregg Braden - The Divine Matrix

Quantum Consciousness



In a Quantum World we know that we are more than just THIS lifetime and THIS body, and we know that we are always connected to all other lives we have had or will have. Beyond our many existences sits our eternal consciousness, the part of our consciousness that needs no form at all, completely connected to the fabric of the cosmos. This is our Personal Universe, and we hold the knowing that we can draw from these other aspects of ourselves to promote healing and gain wisdom at the deepest level


The Quantum Consciousness Experience is a deeply moving exploration through your Personal Universe, where you are gently and expertly guided to step outside the boundaries of time and space, allowing access to your consciousness, without limitations.


In this state of expanded awareness you are free to connect, interact, share wisdom and healing through all realms of your existences. We travel through the realms receiving, and offering insights, understanding and healing with different aspects of ourselves. The energy shared is then rippled out throughout your Personal Universe with the intent of raising the vibration for all.


The Realms...       


The intention for the journey is set and we start in our Present Consciousness, activating the quantum possibilities of our subatomic particles, releasing the restrictions of the conscious mind and offering the present consciousness the sacred role of integration once we return, forever evolved from the journey. All offered through the gentle vibrational tones of the voice and energy field of the Facilitator. 


We first of all expand outwards to explore the Stored Consciousness of the Client. The energy of all our experiences within this life that we know may hold remarkable wisdom or the need for healing. We engage, we explore, we heal, we share. All those coming forward have the opportunity to raise their vibration.



We expand further out through our Alternate Consciousness, where those other selves who made different life choices can join us to share what they have learned, or to learn from us. These paths were created at those turning points in our lives, where we activated a split in our timeline, moving in both directions as our soul desired to learn from both paths. 


Our next realm offers us the experience of Parallel Consciousness, where our consciousness exists in other bodies on earth outside of the restrictions of time and space. We have lived in many eras and different bodies during our incarnations and we can claim this hidden wisdom, or offer to share or exchange healing with those who come forward. 


We expand further now out through our Interdimensional Consciousness where we can see, feel or re-experience what it is like to be in another type of existence either in physical or energetic form in this or other dimensions. Ultimately our consciousness doesn’t need this body or any body to be in existence. So much can be learned as we surrender the influences of this human form that create limitations to our deeper understanding. 



We expand further now out through our personal universe to our Eternal Consciousness,  embracing this purest form of ourselves. This remarkable expanded state of being is experienced as something profound and eternal, and then rather than be part of the universe, we are the universe, no limitations, no boundaries, we are simply what we are. We are all there is...


It has been my experience that the healing in these sessions is deeply profound, shifting perspectives and embodying wisdom. We really do hold all the answers within us.


These sessions are best suited to those who have experience with expanded states of awareness such as meditation, hypnotherapy, shamanic journeying etc.


The Quantum Consciousness Experience is a beautifully empowering space to explore for curiosity, or to draw on your own wisdom for support on life's journey. 


Sessions are approximately 2.5 - 3 hours duration, and include a voice recording.

$250, concession rates available


"Earlier this year I had a QC session with Nat. I was completely changed by the experience. The journey was gentle and slow. Time stood still. I continue to experience the changes in my being as a direct result of the QC session. 
Highly recommended x "


For further reading on what to expect in a Quantum Consciousness Experience, look on the Blog page for 'The Quantum Consciousness Experience'

Some feedback from clients...

"After experiencing the grandness of my Personal Universe I could never feel insignificant, powerless or small again..."

"Earlier this year I had a QC session with Nat. I was completely changed by the experience. The journey was gentle and slow. Time stood still. I continue to experience the changes in my being as a direct result of the QC session. Highly recommended x"

"That was the most amazing experience I have ever had. To connect with my eternal consciousness was absoloutely sublime. Words cannot describe the bliss I felt."

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