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Universal Consciousness Experience

Updated: May 18, 2018

What to expect when you journey to your Highest Knowing

A Universal Conciousness Experience (UCE) is beautifully natural and sacred journey to your highest awareness, but what can you expect when you embark on this sacred remembering?

“It is time to remember now the beautiful state of resonance that is your natural state of being...we hold the knowing that within you everything you will ever need is lovingly held, simply awaiting to be remembered..”

When you arrive for your UCE, you will be welcomed into a safe, nurturing environment of complete acceptance. We will spend a few moments talking about Universal Consciousness and topics such as energy, vibration, resonance and transcendence that underpin the values of the UCE. We are then free to explore what you would like to gain from this experience, you may already know what you'd like to explore, or maybe we can work that out... there is no pressure to have a plan - sometimes you just need to be there and we can work it out then... The important part is that you know that this is an experience that is completely directed by you - my role is to support, guide and facilitate your knowing of what is best for you always - you are always in control!

When we have decided on an intention you will then snuggle yourself in the oh so comfy recliner where our journey begins.

Feeling comfy, warm, safe and supported you will relax completely into a beautiful expanded state of awareness where you will effortlessly connect to your most magnificent, eternal self, remembering all that you are in your most natural state of being.

From this perspective we will explore your intention, transcending into complete awareness and healing for all that is offered. We will spend as much time as you need following all wisdom and healing that arises, ensuring you experience everything that is offered. It is vital to note at this point that we seek higher understanding and wisdom throughout our journey - there is no requirement to experience the depths of trauma - in fact all experiences are guided to the higher awareness and understanding if trauma does arise - always holding the loving intention to transcend.

When your exploration is complete and resonance is experienced in the most beautiful way, you will be gently guided back into this present consciousness, bringing all the wisdom, healing and knowing you have experienced back with you. Time is allowed for you to absorb what just happened, and you will be offered a recording of your journey.

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