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A Quantum Consciousness Experience

Updated: May 18, 2018

What to expect when you embark on a journey through your Personal Universe

So you're curious about Quantum Consciousness but what actually happens in a Quantum Consciousness Experience (QCE)?

“Just relax now..allowing any tension to just melt away...feeling the shift in your awareness that echoes a deeper truth at the core of your being...we activate and empower a quantum realm that allows the embracing of all you expand gently into your quantum consciousness...”

When you arrive for your QCE, you are welcomed into a safe space where we will spend some moments talking about Quantum Consciousness. In this time I will explain the Quantum Consciousness realms we will be expanding into throughout our expanded states of awareness journey together.

There is also plenty of time for any questions you have to be answered and considered. We will also talk about any themes in your life that you would like to gain a higher understanding of, or issues you would like insight and healing with. You may want to use this experience to explore your Personal Universe out of curiosity. However you would like to set your intent is unquestionably embraced. This is your Personal Universe we are expanding into. Your experience. You are 100% in the drivers seat.

With our intention set, it's now time to get comfortable and snuggled in the recliner, allowing your body to let go...and relax...Listening to my voice as you gently relax deeper and release all tension, worry, and stress. I read 'The Rememberance' as we activate the knowing of all you are in your subatomic particles. Stepping out of time and space, we now have access to all the 'You's' there has been, or will be..

As we expand through each realm of your Personal Universe, we call forward any aspect of yourself that has information and/or wisdom to share, or healing to offer in relation to the intent that was so lovingly set at the beginning. As each aspect steps forward, we also offer any wisdom and healing to them that you feel guided to, not only raising the vibration of this 'you' in this lifetime, but also for all aspects in all realms as a ripple effect.

The final stages of the realms before bringing the wisdom and healing gained back into this awareness, is to blend with your eternal consciousness before expanding into the fabric of the cosmos, deeply experiencing your connection to All There Is.

During this extremely personal and life changing experience you are Sacredly held in a space of nurturing, guidance, reverance and respect through all you encounter and experience. There is only acceptance and love.

As we integrate back to our present consciousness, you are gently grounded in energy with a full rememberance of all that has transpired.

We will spend some time remembering different aspects and their significance before you leave to absorb fully all you have experienced. A full recording of your session will be offered to you as a rememberance of how incredibly vast and powerful you really are.

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